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Paper Document Scanning Services

Got paper? From index cards to 36″ x 48″ architectural drawings, Info+ has you covered. We have imaged and indexed millions of paper documents, including these for some of our many satisfied customers. Human resources files, accounting and business office records for hospitals. Patient, payroll and employee records for doctors’ offices and clinics. Closed case files for attorneys. Archival business records for state government. Breeding and insurance records for equine services. Various tax and supporting documents for city governments. Leases, utility, and maintenance records for HOAs. Active case files for government social service agencies. All of these and many more have passed from our capable hands into the archives of businesses all over the Midwest.

Are you pressed for space? Digitizing your document backfiles frees up valuable office space while putting access to these records at your fingertips.

Do you have legacy documents that need to be preserved into the future? Age progression of older documents is accelerated each time they are handled. Protect these records by having them scanned by our document management professionals. Via The Uniform Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records as Evidence Act (UPA) (US 1128‐0020‐00) and  The Uniform Rules of Evidence (US 128‐0060‐00 to 0170‐00), scanned images of documents are now almost universally accepted “to the same extent as the originals” in courts and evidentiary proceedings.

Are you storing multiple document types with varying retention requirements? (There can be legal consequences from keeping records for too long as well as for unavailable records.) Our open-source imaging eliminates the need to maintain or migrate from multiple platforms and hardware configurations in order to preserve access to old records. And when the retention period has expired, the images can simply be deleted.

Security concerns? Scanned files can be physically locked down when stored on removable hard drives, or they can be encrypted and password protected when stored on a network or in the cloud.

Improved customer service, simplified records retention compliance and effortless disaster recovery maintenance are also benefits you will enjoy when you go digital. Call us today to get started!

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